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Singapore Travel Guide – Must-See Attractions 5:11min

This is a 10/10 introduction to the sights and attractions of Singapore! I like this video for English learning because it has a lot of place names (proper nouns) which are common features in the listening portions of language tests and also common in day-to-day conversation.


One of the smallest and most […]

Protected Intersections For Bicyclists 5:58min

Protected Intersections For Bicyclists from Nick Falbo on Vimeo.

Urban planner Nick Falbo wants U.S. engineers to borrow a trick from the Dutch: use four design tricks to make intersections safer for cyclists. Here is the transcript

Yangshuo City in China 8:13min

This is a DIY video of a couple’s visit to Yangshou City in China … they see a Banyan Tree, do some bamboo rafting, hike along a beautiful river and show off the city’s attractions and the surrounding countryside.

Here is the transcript for Yangshuo City in China

Airbnb and Its Enemies: Who is Afraid of a $10-a-Night Sofa 5:47min

Here is the transcript for Airbnb and Its Enemies.

I don’t own the rights to this video.

Public Speaking & Networking Lunch with Local Business Owner 5:47min


Here is the transcript for Public Speaking and Networking Lunch with a Local Business Owner

Costa Rica: A Little Piece of Paradise 4:04min


Here is the transcrip for Costa Rica A Piece of Paradise transcript