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Introduction to MSF (Medecins Sans Frontiers) | Doctors Without Borders 3:32min

You can download the transcript Medicins Sans Frontiers

This is an introduction Medecins Sans Frontier, a non-political charitable NGO (non-governmental organization) that brings medical care to conflict zones around the world.

I don’t own the rights to this video.


Medicins Sans Frontiers, meaning Doctors Without Borders, is an international humanitarian aid organization that […]

TED Talk by Brian Dettmer: Old Books Reborn as Art 6:10

Here are the transcripts and notes for

New Toronto restaurant staffed with deaf waiters 2:33min

This is a short clip about a new business in Toronto that employs staff who are deaf. It creates jobs for people and it offers a unique and eye-opening experience to customers — a win-win situation.


to cater to someone = to pay attention to someone’s special wishes e.g. Some travel agencies […]

Ted-Ed: Gyotaku 3:37min

This is an animation about the art of Gyotaku that was invented by Japanese fisherman as a way to record the size of the fish they caught. Over time, the prints became more detailed and Gyotaku developed into an art form.

Section I How big was that fish you caught? This big? This […]

Spiders Tune Their Webs Like A Guitar 1:18min

This is a very short clip about how spiders use the strands of their webs like strings of a violin to know when something in their web is a another spider or something to eat.

When a spider builds its web, something extraordinary happens The spider tunes individual strands of silk by stretching or […]

Oxygen 2:18min

This is short, clever animation about how oxygen interacts with other elements.

Here is the transcript for Oxygen

Leonardo DiCaprio Ice Bucket Challenge 1:15min

Leonardo DiCaprio using the Ice Bucket Challenge to shine a light on the Tar Sands development in Canada and challenge the Canadian Prime Minister to respond.

Here is the transcript for Leonardo DiCaprio Ice Bucket Challenge




Yoga Master Michael Fukumura “Follow Your Bliss” 4:42 min

This is a story of one man’s journey from his parents’ plan for his proper education and career to eventually following his heart to a less conventional but more fulfilling job.

Here is the transcript for Yoga Master Michael Fukumura

Newborn Hippo Takes His First Breath 2:50min

This is a short video about the birth of a baby hippo in the Luangwa River Valley in Africa. I don’t own the rights to this video. The Smithsonian is a famous museum; their site(s) and youtube channel have more (excellent) short, science-related videos.

Here is the transcript for A Newborn Hippo Takes His […]

Rustic Garden Youtube Channel — Perrenial Plants for Pollination 3:14min

Look at this guy’s beautiful garden! He has a popular gardening channel on youtube. Hear about how he uses perennials to attract bees and insects to his yard to pollinate his vegetable plants.

Rustic Garden Youtube Channel — Perrenial Plants for Pollination

Love Recipe 5:11min

No words … so, no transcript required.



The Hidden Costs of Hamburgers 7:52min

This is a video about how much beef is raised and consumed / eaten in America, and the impacts of that on the environment and human health. Here is the transcript for the Hidden Costs of Hamburgers

Zendesk: Sh-t Support Agents Actually Say

This is a series of typical one-liners that customer service agents say often. is a major helpdesk solutions provider.

Here is the transcript for Zendesk — Sh-t Support Agents Say

The Alarm is Going Off 8:50min

Sochi Olympics Mark McMorris, Slopestyle Dervish

Here is the transcript for Sochi Olympics 2014 Mark McMorris Slopestyle