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TED-Ed Who was Confucius? 4:29min

TEDed Who was Confucius_transcript and notes

Bombay Lunch Box – India 10:28min

Here is the transcript in .doc format for Bombay lunchbox india transcript


A muggy monsoon dawn in Mumbai It’s the brief quiet before the daily storm of activity sweeps across Indian’s commercial capital This city of 17 million is infamous for its crowds and chaos But Mumbai is also renowned for its meals […]

Love Recipe 5:11min

No words … so, no transcript required.



“Secrets of Love” with Dr. Pat Allen and John Gray 4:27min

Here is the transcript for Love Secrets with Dr Pat Allen and John Gray

John Gray is the author of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” and a popular “relationship guru”.


“6 1/2 Secrets of Love” with Dr. Pat Allen and John Gray Men are extremely attracted to happy women And […]