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Angry Yoga 1:55min

You can download the transcript for Angry Yoga

This video is full of irony; usually yoga practitioners are trying to achieve inner calm but this instructor is upset about a few things. Note: I do not own the rights for this video. This video comes from the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Organization), which has Canada’s […]

The Expert Comedy Sketch 7:35min

An engineer in a meeting with sales / project managers and clients with high expectations.

Here is the transcript for The Expert Comedy Sketch

Andy Borowitz at The Moth Storytelling Festival: “Unexpected Twist” Part 1 8:56min

Andy Borowitz (writer, comedian) tells the story of his life-threatening illness and what it taught him.

Warning: this video includes some taboo language / swearing

Here is the transcript for Andy Borowitz — Unexpected Twist Part I

George Carlin The Planet is Fine 7:42min

Here is the complete transcript for George Carlin The Planet Is Fine

George Carlin is an irreverent and edgy comedian who had a cult following before he passed away in 2008. There is some profanity / swearing / rough language in this video. This video is fast-paced. He is talking about environmentalists and “saving […]

Rick Mercer Report 1:46min

Rick Mercer Report


Rick Mercer Report

1 [00:00] Democracy is very messy. 2 In fact, on paper it doesn’t even make a heck of a lot of sense. 3 For starters, it involves all of us, and by “all of us” I mean the people. 4 And what’s worse, people’s opinions, which […]