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Ted-Ed: Gyotaku 3:37min

This is an animation about the art of Gyotaku that was invented by Japanese fisherman as a way to record the size of the fish they caught. Over time, the prints became more detailed and Gyotaku developed into an art form.

Section I How big was that fish you caught? This big? This […]

Spiders Tune Their Webs Like A Guitar 1:18min

This is a very short clip about how spiders use the strands of their webs like strings of a violin to know when something in their web is a another spider or something to eat.

When a spider builds its web, something extraordinary happens The spider tunes individual strands of silk by stretching or […]

How Wolves Change Rivers 4:33min

You can download the for How Wolves Change Rivers

This is video from Sustainable Man Youtube Channel about how wolves changed Yellowstone National Park. Note:I do not own the rights to this video. It’s a fast-paced video but worth listening and watching a few times — it’s an encouraging story, as well as a […]

Newborn Hippo Takes His First Breath 2:50min

This is a short video about the birth of a baby hippo in the Luangwa River Valley in Africa. I don’t own the rights to this video. The Smithsonian is a famous museum; their site(s) and youtube channel have more (excellent) short, science-related videos.

Here is the transcript for A Newborn Hippo Takes His […]