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7 Reasons to Use Video Clips to Learn English

  1.  Vocabulary acquisitionn is more intuitive and less laborious when you learn it in real context.
  2. Notice collocations and phrasal verbs being used naturally (not in a textbook with made-up example sentences).  Hear and understand fixed expressions, collocations, conversational connectors and other ‘chunks’ used naturally, in context.
  3. Learning via ears and eyes means you learn pronunciation, intonation and word stress at the same time you learn the meaning.  See how words on a page are not the same as chunks of meaning in connected speech.
  4. Hear how fluent speakers use pauses, their tone of voice, emphasis, intonation and stress to add meaning and nuance.  Improve your listening by deciphering and studying connected speech i.e. the sounds of English — not written language and sentences.
  5. Understand that spoken language is created in real time.  Unlike written English, spoken English is created in real time, as the speaker is thinking.
  6. You can watch or listen to a video while doing other things like driving or making dinner or sitting on the subway.  Short videos lend themselves to re-watching again and again.  Videos are easy for short bursts of review e.g. 15 minutes .
  7. Learn English words and phrases alongside interesting ideas. Interconnect new words to what you already know (your schema). This helps a lot with memory. Trending videos are also natural ‘jumping off points’ for interesting conversations. Using English to talk about interesting videos is less self-conscious and less grammar-focused and more interactive and more motivating.