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Myth of the Isolated Scientist | World Science Festival 1:33min

This is an excerpt from a lecture called “Science and Story: The Instinct for Curiosity”, hosted by the World Science Festival (great youtube channel!) where a physicist and author is talking about how science should be considered part of culture rather than being categorized as ‘education’ or something. She also says that scientists, like […]

The Digital Economy should be about Capital Creation 9:54min

Here is the transcript for The Digital Economy Should Be About Capital Creation

I don’t own the rights to this video. This speaker is talking about how some big technology companies are now more like financial companies because they’re mostly buying and selling other companies (because of the need to show ‘growth’ on […]

Philosophy: Augustine of Hippo 6:24min

Here is the transcript for Philosophy – Augustine

Note: I don’t own the rights to this video. This video comes from the School of Life’s youtube channel, which is a great library of clips for C1 and above listeners / readers who enjoy contemporary cultural topics and want to take in more complex language […]