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World water supply and future problems 14:11min

This is an excerpt from the documentary: Blue Gold: World Water Wars about how much human development is harming rivers, emptying aquifers, polluting rivers and possibly causing desertification. This clips includes short interviews with scientists, farmers, activists and researchers who are concerned about how we are managing our water resources.


We’re entering into […]

New Toronto restaurant staffed with deaf waiters 2:33min

This is a short clip about a new business in Toronto that employs staff who are deaf. It creates jobs for people and it offers a unique and eye-opening experience to customers — a win-win situation.


to cater to someone = to pay attention to someone’s special wishes e.g. Some travel agencies […]

How to Install Recessed Lighting 4:45min

This is a DIY, how-to video about how to safely replace fluorescent lights with recessed can lights in a basement. The narrator takes you from how to remove the old fixture to how to install the recessed one to improve the look and feel of a basement family room. I don’t own the rights […]

Singapore Travel Guide – Must-See Attractions 5:11min

This is a 10/10 introduction to the sights and attractions of Singapore! I like this video for English learning because it has a lot of place names (proper nouns) which are common features in the listening portions of language tests and also common in day-to-day conversation.


One of the smallest and most […]