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Twilight: The Animation Behind Bella and the Wolf 1:10min

Here is the short transcript for this Bella and the Wolf clip, which is about the behind-the-scenes animation techniques that went into shooting this scene from the Twlight series.

Bella and the Wolf 1:10min

There was a great deal more personal interaction between our wolf characters and the humans in this case
There is an intimate moment where Jacob joins Bella … so, in that particular instance, Taylor was dressed up in a kind of a non-reflective, grey outfit and actually acted the scene with Kristen,
to get the right kind of eyelines, the motivation and all that kinda thing,
so that was carefully laid out
Your … the sequence was originally designed
uh Jacob just kind of comes to Bella and they sort of you know just stand right next to each other,
and they’re just talking, and it’s very cute and beautiful and David said,
“In this shot, I just want you to sort of put your head down and
Kristen, you just sort of rub his head.”
That was not exactly what we had expected.
How are we actually going to get her hand moving around his fur?
We know that is going to be a technical challenge.
Of course, what we have to do, ultimately, is cover Taylor up with that wolf
and where you see him, we have to paint him out and restore the background
So, once this gets transposed into Wolfland, if … it’s basically a hairless wolf,
Physically her hand is actually scratching him on the forehead, in this shot
Once we send it through comp, that’ll be fully realised

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