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My Ride to Slide by Hood Visuals 3:58min

You can download the transcript for Ride to Slide by Hood Visuals

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My Ride to Slide by Hood Visuals
My will is there, my passion is there, my drive is there, my determination is there
And I think that’s what a hundred per cent is, is that … you’re going … mentally, you are going beyond your physical limits
and I think, the only thing holding you back is the realities of this, of the world, you know…
of your body, of the weight above your head.
It’s really about just pushing as hard as you can.
You know, when you go home, you’re deserving of the rest that you’re taking.
The only other person really that I think about is my mom, you know…
She gave me everything.
You know, as a kid, I mean if it wasn’t for her, like, I wouldn’t be the person I am today
She was the one who put me in the sport with whatever she had, in terms of money
She always gave me an opportunity and it’s for those opportunities that, like
I want to be able to succeed so bad so that, you know,
I can kinda validate those hardships in her life and say…
You did this and it was difficult but, this is what you made, you know, this is what you created and
this is my way of paying you back
to show her, in my own way, to say, like, thank you…
That’s a huge motivation.

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